Outside of your comfort zone is where the magic happens.


find freedom & flow in your business & personal life

We can all find it really hard sometimes with this new world of over stimulation, on Insta you can look at thousands of photographers and it can be really challenging to not compare yourself, over think things and feel like you have to do what they are doing – BUT YOU DON’T – YOU NEED TO DO YOU!

It’s normal to be super excited about your business and want to do it all straight away with unrealistic goals…..Hey I’ve been there over and over. It’s amazing to have all these dreams but you need to take steps to get there, to find your way, to build your clientele, and to find your look. As a photographer we all get inspiration off other creatives around us, I sure do! I have the most incredible group of women photographer friends who I look up too and we are all there for each other, give support and help each other grow. That’s what I will do for you, I WILL SUPPORT YOU!

make your dreams reality


option 2.

the quick chat

1 hour minimum video chat mentoring ASK ME ANYTHING

If you just want some advice and time to ask me anything and don’t want to do a full mentoring session this is for you!!

dont have much time but you have lots of questions? 

MENTORING supports and guides you, it’s a safe space with no judgement for you to bounce off ideas and to be accountable for the goals that you set for your business growth. 

It took myself years and years to find my style, i have played with hundreds of presets, worked for other photographers for free to learn new skills, Ive booked myself into courses, attended one on one mentoring and photography retreats, and I’m still learning and evolving today.  We will all keep evolving and changing forever.

Remember it's not always about the end goal. It's about the little bits and pieces it takes you to get there. 

full day in-person with me

Travel Dates - maybe it aligns & i come to you

how i can help

i hold you accountable 

help you set realisitic goals

put new systems to help your business flow

work on your mindset, boundary setting & mediation techniques

byron bay

sunnshine coast


june 2024

july 2024

september 2024

option 3.
the full day

and soooo much more

- 7 hours together
- meet and greet with coffee
- 3 hours of education
- one motherhood session
- lunch
- 2 hours of education 
- family sunset session
- website & instagram review
- pre and post questionnaire
- 1 week of online support after to answer any questions 

let's make your dreams a reality