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Build a family photography business with a consistent flow of dream clients, adventurous sessions, creativity and cash flow, without the constant comparison holding you back.

to look around and wonder how some photographers have a sought-after business, a lifestyle they love, and the confidence to create without comparison,

I KNOW what it's like

You know what you want for your business, but you don’t know how to get there.

Does this feel like you right now? ↓


Meanwhile, you just can’t seem to shake these feelings:

You haven’t quite found your unique place in the industry.

You’re shooting for clients who don’t always feel like the perfect fit.

You’re doubting if you can build a photography business you love. 

Unapologetically showing up

The good news is that it doesn’t have to stay that way. 

I’ve been there – I see you. 


Stagnant in your growth and wanting more for your life and business

struggling with mindset

Struggling with pricing, perfectionism, self-criticism and doubt

misaligned clients

Working with unaligned clients and craving more adventurous, real sessions

comparisonis overload

don't miss out

Comparing yourself to everyone else in the industry 

Feeling like *something* is missing and needs to change

you need change

Imagine how good it can get if:

Let's shift to a place where you 

feel confident, in flow & excited about the work you create here.

I want you to feel like this ↓

- You were showing up with confidence

- Flowing with fresh creativity

- Building deeper connections with your clients

- Bringing in repeat business & referrals every single month


You are capable. You are worthy. You have your own special value to bring to the table.

lit up 




happy clients


Lit up by your work and excited to send your galleries

Proud of your style and excited by your OWN art

Connected to your clients and confident they’ll book with you again

Attracting aligned clients who pay your rates without hesitation

Providing a client experience that gets you goosebump-giving reviews

Confident in your ability to boost your energy and show up for your clients even when life feels hard


Next intake waitlist

Here’s what possible when you pour from a full cup:

- One where you feel in flow.

- One without burnout or sacrificing your freedom and creativity.

- Sessions that you’re proud of and a business that lights you up.

It starts with you, it starts within – and it can start here.

You can build a photography business that allows you to work with dream clients.

WEEK 1- 4

Each Sunday, you’ll get access to the module for the week with pre-recorded video lessons and your workbook & homework.

We’ll then catch up on zoom every Thursday to unpack the content – you’ll be able to ask questions, pick my brain and get the personalised support that you need. 

WEEK 5-6

During our bonus weeks together, we’ll catch up for one co-working zoom session (week 5) to put your knowledge into action and start making changes in your business and one presentation zoom session were you get to show your work (week 6).

You’ll also hear from two incredible guest experts to support your mindset and marketing. These masterclasses go for 1 hour and you leave so excited to implement these new skills. Email marketing masterclass (week 5) & meditation masterclass (week 6).

- Live weekly zoom q&a coaching calls
- 8+ hours of pre-recorded video lessons
- Behind-the-scenes footage of 4 real-life family shoots (maternity, family, newborn & couple)
- Private insta group for support & connection

- 2 bonus weeks for 2 guest masterclasses
Email Marketing for Beginners with Cou Tuohey
Meditation Workshop with Kate Griggs

- Straight after masterclasses we dive into a 30 minute co-working zoom session and in the last week we do a final presentation session so you can see everyones work

Ready to peek inside the program?



What's included:

First, we’ll focus on the most important element in photography and your business – YOU.

Your mindset and well-being go hand-in-hand with creating work you’re proud of (and your clients are obsessed with!)

It ripples into every interaction, every click of a finger, every moment captured. I’ll guide you through the mediation and breathwork rituals I use pre and post session, and within everyday moments.

We’ll kick off the course by unpacking why the energy we bring to our sessions matters, how to nurture it so our shoots aren’t affected by our bad days, and finally saying a goodbye to imposter syndrome and the comparison trap. 

you are your business



Next, we’ll get into the heart of your photography: your clients. 
You will learn how to find you niche & connect to your dream clients.

We’ll deep dive into relationship building and client connection and how your ability to connect beyond a surface-level shapes the quality of your work.

You’ll learn my strategies for creating a safe space for clients to let their walls down and be themselves, how to form authentic connections with your clients before the shoot even begins, tips to tap into the essence of who they and make them feel seen and understood, and the art of allowing those connections to shine through in your photography.

This client journey is so important as the experience they have with you will ensure they come back to you over and over again. 

connection first


This module is all about improving your workflows, the back-end of your business, your branding and marketing.  

You’ll get access to my signature 10-step process from planning to post production, my complete session workflows and a timeless pricing strategy so that your behind-the-scenes processes are rock-solid and support the growth of your business for the long-haul.

back of house


Now it’s time to see everything you’ve learnt in action as we go behind the scenes of 4 actual family and maternity shoots. This is where the magic unfolds.

You’ll get exclusive, up-close insight into how I apply these strategies in my own sessions, showing you first-hand how to use them in yours.

It’s your turn to create life-like, adventurous sessions that feel good for you, and just as good for your clients.

magic in motion


During our final two weeks, we’ll come together for one 30 minute co-working session, Q&A discussions with presentation so you can show your work and the most amazing two guest expert masterclasses.

Email Marketing for Beginners with Cou Tuohey
Kelee Meditation Workshop with Kate Griggs

This time is all about digesting and implementing what you’ve learned, getting extra support, advice and personalised feedback to help you on your path.

Together, we’ll work through challenges, be soundboards for one another, hear each other's progress and tap into the collective energy and insights of the group.

You’ll come away feeling accomplished and excited for what’s to come in the next chapter of your business.

implement and integrate


- Who is this program suited for?
Whether you dream of starting a photography business from scratch, you're a photographer ready to grow your business, or you're already running a full-time photography business but need to improve your systems and mindset, you will get so much out of this experience.

- When do I receive access to the course?
Every Sunday, you'll gain access to weekly course modules, worksheets, and homework. 

- What days do Zoom calls happen?
Zoom calls take place on Thursdays at 11am Sydney time. If public holiday takes place their maybe a change to day. You will be informed at the time of booking if there are any changes.Plan for a 60-minute session (occasionally we might go slightly over.)

- What if I can't make it to the Zoom call?
Don't worry! All sessions will be uploaded to your portal within 3 days, allowing you to tune in when you can, or rewatch whenever you want. Kate's kelee mediation masterclass will only be available for 48 hours once loaded up for rewatching. all other classes will stay up for full 6 months access.

- How long do I have access to the portal to rewatch content?
You have 6 months to make your way through the content. Let’s be honest, if you have access forever, it’s way easier to put it on the bottom of your to-do list and delay the results you’ll see from actioning this.

- How many hours per week do I need to dedicate to the course?
I recommend a minimum of 3 hours per week to get the most out of the program.

- How do I access support?
Access support through our private Instagram group, active for the entire 6 weeks of the course. I'll be checking in every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday to help you with any questions you have or support you need along the way.

answers to your questions

“Emma, you created a space for us to lean in, be vulnerable, learn and admire what we do. You reminded me why it is I do what I do every day – to connect with beautiful people and truly capture and tell their stories. I would book a spot at all of your workshops if I could. Thank you for your honesty, I can’t wait to implement everything I have learnt from you.”

“Emma’s workshop was what I needed. After some years in the industry it is really nice to take a break from life and have the time and space to learn and think about my business and creativity. It’s a reminder that learning is a never-ending process, and thank goodness for that! Always room to grow. Always things to learn. Thanks so much for sharing everything with us.”

“Love learning from Em! She is the most authentic, humble and kind person. I adore the way she treats her clients. There are so many things I am excited to implement and try out in my business. A reason why every year I invest in myself. As a small business owner I will continue to learn as there is always room to improve. But mostly it’s the inspiration I get from my mentor. My heart is full! Thank you Em for being such an open book.”

what they say

client love

join the waitlist

Step into a more confident version of yourself and feel good on the inside

Ignite your creativity and find a fresh spark that oozes into your work effortlessly

Build deeper connections with your clients and watch the magic unfold


A business you love starts with you.