Family is our everything. We prefer to live a minimalistic life spending more time outdoors than in. We love beers in the sun, listening to music everyday & being with each other. We are 90's obsessed, my fav band is Nirvana and I still love wearing a flannel.

I have a love for travel, often jumping in the car for a road trip. Every year I get myself to a new destination and explore different landscapes, ways of living and culture. It’s really important to me to always do this to feed my soul & growth.

I feel grateful everyday I get to peek into other people's lives, to document their stories and to know in years to come these images will mean more and more.

Each photographic experience has strengthened my love of the beauty within places and the individuality of people.  

Hey folks,

I'll try to sum me up in a few sentences. I live a laidback life by the beach in the southern beaches of Sydney, Cronulla. Most days you will find me barefoot with messy hair sitting in my cozzies. My family is everything so I know how important it is to document as many moments as you can. I know how blurry these moments can be......hence why I LOVE what i do. 

We are ocean addicts. I'm married to my best friend and business partner (editor & admin) Benny K, our first child was our frenchie Betty and after 5 years of trying for a baby we ended up going down the IVF path and now have our son Cash born in 2022. I didn't if it was possible to become a mum so having Cash is MAGIC and we are forever grateful for modern medicine giving us our little man.



I started my own business during the year of 2006 always freelancing & learning as much as I could from others. I’ve always focused on photographing people. I’m so interested in everyone's stories and who they are. I love I get to bottle this up for them as a memory that will never fade.

I spent many years managing a boutique portrait studio in the Inner West of Sydney and for 5 years I was also in partnership shooting weddings full-time and doing my own shoots for my family portrait business also. In 2017 I solely put my focus on my family photography business, capturing Maternity, Motherhood, Newborns, Families & Couples…….and here we are!!

I have never felt more happy & excited about where my business is than i do now. Some years I just couldn’t find my feet, it’s almost like I was doing too much of everything. Since I tuned more into how I was feeling after sessions, moulding my business to my lifestyle and who I am, everything has fallen into place. I meet around 150 families per year and after ever session I come home so full of gratitude and love. I still pinch myself somedays. I'm so grateful i get to do what i love for work.

In 2022 when I was pregnant I hosted my very first workshop for photographers with topics around mindfulness and business. Once i  birthed my baby boy Cash i also felt like i birthed my education side of my business. Cash gave me the drive to put my dreams into reality. I was in a creative bubble and had so many new ideas in those wild first few months of becoming a mother. In 2023 I hosted 7 sold out workshops in Sydney, Victoria & The Northern Rivers. This is now a huge part of my business. This year I'm starting my online education services so people can access from anywhere in the world. Again another pinch myself moment.


how i starteD


My Faves


Benny K, Betty girl & Cashy (Johnny Cash)
Ocean hangs & summer sun
Fish tacos & margaritas
Hikes to waterfalls and new places
Anything 60's & 70's retro
My record collection - from grunge to folk to rock n roll
Yoga & Meditation 
Fav movies Pump up the Volume & True Romance 
Driving the east coast of Australia every year
Love a good road trip with my music blaring
I'm a messy hair no shoes kind of girl
Family is everything to me hence why I do what I do so you can remember all the blurry moments of parenting


Photo credit Gabyriela Pupovac 

Behind The Lens


At your session please show up open and ready for an adventure! To get into the present moment you just need to show your love to your kids and partner. I want you to find those wild feelings of laughter, flashes of wide-eyed surprise and delight. That tender touch.

Whimsical wonderment, hugging your loved ones tightly, showing affection to them. Maybe there's stillness & quiet moments. You may even shed a tear thinking about the moment your child was born or the journey of how you got to this chapter of your life. You can tell your family how much you love them and keep connecting with them for your whole session.

Professional photos does not mean wearing matching outfits, standing around feeling uncomfortable. I want you to find freedom and a reflection of the life you live. This could include bringing surf boards, paddle boards, four wheel drive or a cool old car, pizza and margaritas, meeting at a waterhole or waterfall, hiking to a place that is special to your family or it could be simply just being in your home.

Whatever truly floats your boat. I move a lot through the session by guiding you to various areas and then capture those moments as you interact together.



My Philosophy


Let go of expectations and perfection. I have fallen in love with the word imperfection and the beauty of the imperfect moments.
Be in the present moment. This time is so precious for you and your family. It doesn’t matter if one of your kids mucks up or plays about, if your baby’s crying, if your kids don’t do what you ask them to. The more you can forget about all that stuff and let the shoot unfold naturally, the more little moments, details & good ‘feels’ we will get.

Think about what you love to do as a family, who you are as a family. Tell me your ideas & we can capture your story the way you want it told.

“Just let go of your head, show me your heart, and run wild with me”

When I think about photos of myself and my family this is what I would want. Imagine how precious a photo like this could be when your child is a adult. It's the impact of an image in ten plus years time that matters.

"Just let go of your head, show me your heart, and run wild with me”

Photo credit Alex Warden


These people are my everything. This pic is of my mum, dad, brother graham, my sisters debbie & katie and myself. This photo means more to me today than it ever has. I just miss my dad so much. These walls have so many memories. 

Photos like these are what drive me to do what i do today. 

"IF I COULD GIVE MORE STARS FOR THIS REVIEW, I WOULD!!!! The session was insanely fun...we were all buzzing after the shoot and my cheeks were actually sore from laughing and smiling so much.

Emma is the most genuine, warm person and allowed our session to just flow - we honestly forgot that we were being photographed at times. You feel so at ease in her presence. My heart is bursting with the final result as Emma has captured our family so magically.

This shoot will be one I never forget!!! I have followed Emma's work for years and look forward to seeing how it grows in the future as she just keeps blowing me away with the work she is producing. I will be booking again!!!
I would 1000% recommend Emma and just being you, a reflection of your family. Thank you, thank you, thank you Emma and Ben!!!!"


"Emma has photographed our fam four times now over six years and I’m blown away each time with how she can magically capture love and personality in such a beautiful way 😭.

I always shied away from photography as it seemed so awkward but Emma makes the shoot feel fun and relaxed and the result is photos we love and feel like us.

When you get a gallery from Em you will be pouring over them, finding new favourites and details for days. Weeks! Years!!!! I can’t thank you enough Em or recommend you more highly!"


"DEFINITELY RECOMMEND! I have done 3 shoots now with Emma , and I am never disappointed! It’s so special capturing my children from just born and now toddlers , and I can’t wait to watch the images evolve in the continued years I will use her .

I hate those fake posed photos and what Emma showcases is real images in the moment, without feeling awkward or uncomfortable. Also being a mum you tend to be behind the camera yourself taking pics of your babies and everyone else and never end up with nice pics of you too .

So I allow that time for myself and it’s seems to be a yearly thing now since having the kids. I have recommended Emma to all of my girlfriends and they have all had the same amazing experience."


kind words

kind words


Let's create some memories together

It's all about the adventure

It's all about the adventure