How do I choose a location?

Think about what you and your family love to do together, what makes your hear skip a beat, what tells your story. It could be in your home, by the beach, four wheel driving, surfing, hiking a track in one of the amazing national parks around us, backstreets and urban settings, waterfalls, camping with a bon-fire, sitting in a forest and the list goes on and on. We can chat more about this and plan the location that is perfect for your family.

How many people can be in session?

Up to 6 people including kids and adults. For extended family their is an extra fee.

How do I feel natural in front of camera?

Take the pressure off it being a shoot, think of it like you were hanging out with a friend, make sure the session is somewhere that means something to you, don't be scared to love on each other and be open.

What do I wear?

Be you! Stay away from matchy-matchy, don't just wear something for the shoot that you would never wear in real life, be comfortable so you can get adventurous, send me pics so I can give you advise.

When can I see my photos after shoot?

Around 2 weeks after your session. In peak time it can be up to 4 weeks.

Once I get my gallery when do I receive my collection I pick?

Once you let me know your choice out of my 2 collection options it will take in-between 2-4 weeks for printing and delivery. It could be a little longer for albums and framing. I can get digital high resolution downloadable images to you within 1 week of your order.


Let's be wild together & run to the sea