About Me

A little about me...

My work has been described to me as feminine, dreamy, sensual, real, warm, earthy, free, authentic & emotive. From mothers I have been told I capture deep love, their exact mood, the exhaustion, the real moments, the warmth & sensitivity. At their sessions mothers have described feeling like they are in a dream, the time together with me being a breath of fresh air, a time to open up, to be present and connect, each minute helping them to feel comfortable behind the lens and to let their love for each other shine through the images. I know my work is organic & honest and at each session we really get to know each other, we go on adventures and form beautiful friendships.

collecting beautiful moments

how photography became my whole world

I’ve had 20 years experience in the photography industry and 16 years of professional shooting. I started as a lab assistant printing film when I was 18, there was no digital at all. Here I learnt the art of colour, fell completely in love with photography, bought my first film SLR camera and began my journey constantly clicking away…….never stopping this creative ride. I studied photography for 2 years, worked at a studio in Balmain Sydney for 5 years where I looked after post production in the digital world, eventually shooting there.

and then

I started my own business during the year of 2006 always freelancing & learning as much as I could from others. I’ve always focused on photographing people. I’m so interested in everyones stories and who they are. I love I get to bottle this up for them as a memory that will never fade.

For 5 years I was also in partnership shooting weddings full-time and doing my own shoots on the side. In 2017 I solely put my focus on my own business Emma Wand Photography capturing Maternity, Motherhood, Newborns, Families & Couples…….and here we are!!

I never felt more happy & excited about where my business is now. Some years I just couldn’t find my feet, it’s almost like I was doing too much of everything. Since I tuned more into how I was feeling after sessions, moulding my business to my lifestyle and who I am, everything has fallen into place. I meet around 150 families per year and after ever session I come home so full of gratitude and love. I’m like a little kid at Christmas……that’s how happy I feel.

let's get personal

I’m married to my best friend, Benny K. We live in a red brick 1960’s unit in the southern beaches of Sydney with our Frenchie Betty. The ocean feeds our souls, swimming throughout summers & winters. Nothing beats being bare foot on the sand, relishing in the moment we can dive underwater or float weightlessly on our backs, those feelings when nothing else matters. Somedays I seriously feel like I live on a little island in the middle of nowhere as I stare out over Jibbon Beach in the Royal National Park, not a house to be seen…….my imagination drifts off into a dream and out of busy Sydney life. I’m always extremely grateful for this and being able live 1 min walk to the big blue sea.

I constantly get myself into nature in anyway I can.  I’m super social catching up with friends every week over picnics, bush walks, beers or more beach time…..can never get enough!! I love to for travel, often jumping in the car for a road trip. Every year I get myself to a new destination and explore different landscapes, ways of living and culture. It’s really important to me to always do this to feed my soul & growth.

I’m also a yoga teacher and student. I have studied over 400 hours in Yoga foundations, Vinyasa, Yin and Pre & Post Natal. This has helped me with my overthinking, anxiety & throughout my life to be my true self.

it's all about balance, right?!

I’m a lover for red wine on the couch watching a classic 1990’s movie with my man or beers at the beach as the sunsets with my mates.

Music is everything to us. Going to see bands play at grungy bars keeps us young at heart. Ben was in a touring band for over 10 years, we have seen hundreds of bands together. Often Ben and I will be home blaring music, singing as we dance around our lounge room. We have been to endless festivals together, I joined him in his tours up and down the East Coast, party after party, those were the days……..take me back, some of the best times of our life. Some moments ill never forget and forever grateful for are being backstage at the Foo Fighters show where I got to stand 1 metre from Dave Grohl as he sang his heart out, I also got to chat to him on the phone!! Another is when Ben proposing to me in Seattle on Lake Washington at park next to Kurt Cobains house, the whole first week there was full of gigs, exploring the Seattle grunge scene and partying as we were so excited we just got engaged. I can’t believe that was over 7 years ago.

I think my love for music came from my dad as every weekend he would blare 1960’s rock & roll from 9am onwards. A memory I will hold close forever. 

i'm an open book always

Never feel nervous at your session or pre shoot meeting over the phone to ask me anything, I’m an open book always. There is so much more about my life I choose not to share online but in person I will tell you anything you would love to know. If I expect you to be open & raw at your shoot…..I promise I will do the same back to you. It’s all about connection and this is where the magic is.



From my hubby

  • She is bubbly and positive (I can call her Bubbles)
  • Way too loud, energetic in the early mornings, gets up way to early
  • Chocolate & peanut butter are never safe in the house
  • Messiest cook in the world, lucky she’s vegetarian so I love she never asked for a bite
  • She’s is my favourite girl in the world…..and Betty

see me doing my thing