A little about me...

I’m a lifestyle photographer who loves to capture raw moments of people living in the moment.

I’ve had more than 10 years of professional shooting experience. This profession has taken me across the wide lands of Australia. The travel has seen my creativity flourish year after year. Along the way I’ve been lucky enough to meet a huge variety of memorable people.

Each photographic adventure has strengthened my love of the beauty within places and the individuality of people.


Let's get personal...

Sometimes knowing more about a photographer can make you feel like you are spending an ordinary day with an old friend, rather than engaged in a staged photo session with a stranger.
So…here are some everyday details I’d like to share with you.


I’m married to my best friend, Benny K. We live in a red brick 1960’s unit in the southern beaches of Sydney. The ocean feeds our souls. Nothing beats being bare foot on the sand, relishing in the moment we can dive underwater or float weightlessly on our backs.
I bush walk with friends and I’m always looking to get myself into nature in anyway I can. I have a hungry appetite for travel. Every year I get myself to a new destination and explore different landscapes, ways of living and culture.
I’m also a yoga teacher and student. I teach beach yoga and run a yearly destination retreat.
My favourite food would have to be peanut butter. If my hubby buys a jar it’s all gone within the week before he even gets any.
I’m a sucker for red wine on the couch watching a classic 1990’s movie with my man.
Going to see bands play at grungy bars keeps me young at heart. Music is a huge love in my life.